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Enview’s advanced platform helps operators see the unseen.

Automate 3D change detection on a massive scale. Enview ingests and fuses remote sensing data from multiple sources, such as airborne LiDAR and multispectral imagery. Deep learning and high-performance computing are used to automatically extract operationally meaningful insights.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  • Automatically identify man-made and natural threats to power lines, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure.
  • Identify, map, and prioritize risks including vegetation, geohazards, and human activity.
National Security/GEOINT
  • Rapidly process geospatial data at nation-scale.
  • Track and identify man-made objects, human activity, and earth movement.
  • Automatically detect changes and activity even under vegetation.
3D Terrain/Urban Mapping
  • Structure detection and land-use assessment.
  • Post-storm, emergency, and disaster response.
  • Flood plain, landslide, and erosion mapping.
  • Wildfire-risk mapping and assessment.
How it Works
Collect and fuse together multiple 3D, 2D, asset sensor, and GIS data sources.
Geospatial big data is analyzed with deep learning and computer vision algorithms.
Massive amounts of geospatial data are transformed into meaningful insights.
Improve Operations
Automate the complex task of fusing and analyzing datasets to detect change. Visualize results intuitively.
Increase Accuracy
Deep-learning algorithms and large-scale computing deliver results with unprecedented speed and precision.
See the Unseen
Identify threats that are invisible to the human eye. Cut through the complexity of geospatial big data to reveal actionable insights.
Faster Decision-Making
Thousands of miles of geographic data are analyzed. Only those areas with potential risks are identified to help with prioritization.
One Platform, Many Solutions
Enview offers a powerful, next-generation platform that supports solutions ranging from a narrow corridor to nation-scale.
CIP: Man-Made Hazards
Change detection enables identification of human activity, earth movement, encroachments, and excavations.
CIP: Natural Hazards
Visualize automatically generated insights and warnings when vegetation, landslides, and other natural hazards threaten critical infrastructure.
National Security: 3D GEOINT and ATR
Identify objects of interest such as vehicles, structures, or human activity, even under vegetation.
3D Terrain & Urban Mapping
Identify potential threats with 3D change detection of topography, buildings, and vehicles.
Securing Government Information
Protecting client data is critical. Enview’s team and platform have deep experience serving the DoD/ GEOINT communities. Enview deploys this experience to help protect the safety of client information.
  • Transmitted information and data at rest are encrypted.
  • Analytics are hosted on AWS FedRAMP-compliant infrastructure.
  • Strict access controls are used and regular backups are performed.
Get Started with Enview
Enview offers a cloud-based portal subscription service with multi-year contracts. Contact us to arrange a pilot to see how Enview transforms 3D geospatial data into actionable insights.