• Enview for Oil & Gas
  • Enview for Oil & Gas
  • Enview for Oil & Gas
Enview’s advanced platform helps operators see the unseen.

Enview uses proven and powerful 3D geospatial big data analytics to support your workflow and enable your people to do more. We provide a fast and accurate turnkey solution for a variety of integrity, compliance, and asset-management activities.
Third-Party Activity

3D geospatial analytics can identify new construction before, during, and after it is completed. This allows operators to accurately track construction even between regular patrols.

Automatically detect encroachments, such as vehicles and buildings, to quantify third-party activity. This knowledge helps focus field resources and can inform risk modeling.

Agriculture is a major ongoing activity near pipelines. 3D analytics enables operators to separate a harmless harvesting of crops versus a potentially impactful deep-rip or grading.
Topographic Change
Depth of Cover

Automatically measure changes in surface topography to update depth of cover at every point along a pipeline.

Accurately measure both the area and volume of displaced earth to quantify human activity near pipelines.

3D analytics combs through massive areas to reveal specific geohazards such as landslides, erosion, and subsidence.
HCA/Class Location
Structure Detection

Automated detection and mapping of structures allows potential changes in class location and HCA to be quantified with RTVC records.
Structures Under Vegetation

3D data can see through vegetation allowing detailed mapping of structures even in heavily forested areas.
Structure Polygons

Results of high-resolution 3D structure mapping are exported as points and polygons to incorporate into existing workflows with no change management.